Good IT Customers

Good Admin Portal
Good customers in an administrator role can find all the technical resources needed to deploy, manage and support all Good solutions. Members can access Good downloads, documentation, servers, licenses, support cases, videos, release and support notifications, their peers, Good experts and more.


Good Community
Good IT customers belonging to the IT Organizations Group in the Good Community can access all Good downloads, documentation and iOS 8 notifications only. We encourage all Good IT customers to gain access to the Good Admin Portal.

Good for Enterprise Online Portal
Good for Enterprise (GFE) customers can access online tools
and reports that help them successfully manage their GFE deployments, including GFE downloads, licensing, server and device monitoring, support tickets, a knowledge base
and more.

Good Mobile App Users

App Stores
Good mobile apps can be downloaded through the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store.

Good Community
Good mobile app users can find help from their peers and Good experts through online interactions.

Good Developers

Good Developers can access Good Dynamics servers and SDK downloads, product manuals and interact with a community of peers and Good experts to build enterprise-ready secure mobile apps and workflows running on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform.

Good Channel Partners

Good Channel Partners can access the resources they need for a successful partnership with Good and excellent support of their Good customers, including all software downloads and product manuals.